My new blog

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I’m launching a new blog, dedicated to lessonplanning in elementary school. It will be tips and tricks, resources and lessonplans for elementary, and specifically, grade three to start with.
Check it out here.


Out of Sight of the Barstool Row

•January 22, 2010 • 1 Comment

I just got the results of the Striking Prose competition, and was excited to find that I won third place for my short story Out of Sight of the Barstool Row. As promised, here it is. Let me know what you think. I believe there is somewhere further I need to go with this project, but I haven’t pinned it down yet.

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Thanks Mike, for pointing this out.

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The Rag Blog on Why was Haiti a Catastrophe Waiting to Happen?

Donations for Haiti

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Here’s a quick and dirty way to donate a small amount of cash to Haiti earthquake relief. Take out your cell phone and:
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Vancouver Island 1946

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Here is a link to donate to Haiti Relief through Unicef Canada.

Haiti’s been on my mind the last couple of days, and Matt Good’s posts this afternoon got me back in the inquiring mode. Continue reading ‘Vancouver Island 1946’

Vancouver Olympic Humor

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Got this email, thought it was funny.  Enjoy.

Now that Vancouver is hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics, these are some questions people from all over the world are asking. Believe it or not these questions about Canada were posted on an International Tourism Website. Continue reading ‘Vancouver Olympic Humor’

Why was Haiti a Catastrophe Waiting to Happen?

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Peter Hallward at published a damning story yesterday that appealed to me because it questioned why Haiti is being so profoundly affected by an earthquake (7.0 magnitude) that wouldn’t be nearly so deadly in almost any other country. Continue reading ‘Why was Haiti a Catastrophe Waiting to Happen?’