Steve Earle at the Jack Singer

We saw Steve Earle live last night at the Jack Singer. At 55 he’s still rocking out. There were two small monitors, a guitar stand with three guitars and a small table on stage, and he came on and gave two hours of unplugged performance. Wow. What an amazing show. We went around back afterward and Zach and Clarice got a chance to shake his hand and get their tickets signed.
Good luck with the tour Steve, and all the best with your new baby.
I’m lookin for Townes on vinyl.


~ by Dave on January 28, 2010.

4 Responses to “Steve Earle at the Jack Singer”

  1. I just heard a funny Steve Earle story the other day. Have you heard about the new fangled digital recording gear that’s all the rage? The really sophisticated one is called “Pro Tools”. Most of us old timers don’t use it. (I still use Tape!) So, apparently Steve used it on his last album. He admitted in an interview:
    “My last CD tested Positive for “Pro Tools”!

    Well, it’s funny if you’re an old fart home studio guy!

    • It’s funny you mention that.

      When we were at the concert I expected I’d be able to pick up “Townes”, his latest release. There was no merchandise or music for sale at all, except for Hayes Carll (his opening act) had a small table.
      I went online thinking, okay, I’ll order it from his homepage. No dice there either. He only sells his work up to 1997 on the website. The rest is still available through music stores and Amazon. So I figured, okay, let’s see if I can pick up Vinyl of The Hard Way, still no dice. Everything he has for sale is mp3 only. He has a fully digital website, and complete control of his older work, which makes him pretty modern in terms of how he sells his music. I hadn’t heard of pro-tools, but it doesn’t surprise me that he’s using it.

  2. Uhg! I may or may not have already said this (being that I know you’re a Steve Earl fan) I met him about a decade or two ago at a very small venue gig and he was a complete ass. he stumbled around drunk in between songs and stole cigarettes from patrons. he sat on our table and called my friend a bitch because she wouldn’t give him a smoke. I’m sorry- i do appreciate his music but that encounter totally soured me on him. I have a hard time separating the music from the person.

    • By all accounts, including his own, Steve Earle went through a pretty ugly patch for most of his early life. He talked about that a bit during the show, mostly in reference to Townes Van Zandt, and his kindness during a Heroin and Alchohol addiction that Steve couldn’t justify. He said Townes was always bringing home some guy off the street, but because Townes was rarely home, he’d bring them to someone elses house. So he said people would wake up, and some complete stranger would be sleeping on their couch, and they’d say Townes said it was alright. This was pretty funny, I thought. Steve said he realized he had a real problem when Townes brought him home to someone elses place 🙂
      I don’t know, he’s pretty open and honest about letting himself go down and out. He was kind to my kids, and he came on stage with only a guitar rack, and played for two and a half hours straight, sans band. It kind of reminded me of Matt’s show in that some drunk asshole on the floor was shouting “play Copperhead Road” all night (instead of “While we were Hunting Rabbits”). It seems to me being a performing artist must make it difficult to be normal with your fans, especially if you have a substance problem, but even if you are sober, how the hell to you connect when 98% of people don’t know how to act around you either? He seems happy and together to me.

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